There are at least two reasons you should use I-Sail:

   1 to get more Fairness and Transparency in Sailing

   2 to Enjoy and Analyse Races afterwards.

These days, foto finishes, hawk eyes, video goal judges, rfid tags and gps tracking are common techniques used to analyse and judge sport results.

In sailing regattas, racing committees pay special attention to the moments of start and finish. However, during the race, it becomes increasingly challenging to make clear observations. This results in the fact that the initiative to protest against fellow participants has to come from the sailors themselves. A common shortcoming in such situations is that racing committees have no objective means to analyse races anymore.

To get more fairness and transparency in this sport, participants can now use gps tracking from I-Sail. I-Sail is an app to install on smart phones to record gps tracks. This will help to get objective data to judge a protest properly. Furthermore, it will help to analyze whether participants sailed the proper courses and took their penalties if applicable. And of course you get more fun out of it!

This is the aim of I-Sail to get more fairness and transparency.

Use the app for tracking your regatta, training or recreational day sailing and analyze on your PC, or upload the data to share with others. No need for any additional hardware other than your smart phone!  Push your sailing skills to a higher level. Tracking has never been this easy!

Get an impression of what I-Sail can do:

Just have a look at some events:

7ª Etapa da Copa YCP 2016 São Paulo Brazil

Open Dutch Championship september 2016 Medemblik

Ibiza Regatta september 2016

Randmeren Regatta 2018

Championship Randmeren september 2016 

Open National Championship Solo september 2016

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