Do you want to win races?

Use I-Sail! Use I-Sail during races and training.

By comparing your track mainly to that of your competitors, you gain more insight into what should improve your performance.

You can analyse your:

  • starts

    • did you have enough room leewards

    • was your speed ok

    • what was your position

  • upwind tracks

    • did you sail the right side of the leg

    • what was the efficiency of your tacs

    • what is your competitor's performance

  • mark roundings

    • was your tactic that came close to the goal

    • did you choose the right way leaving the mark

  • downwind tracks

    • did you have enough free wind

    • was your down wind speed ok

  • finishes

    • could the approach to finish be smarter

Just a few ideas on how to improve your performance.

Analyze your performance by looking at your tracks from a different perspective!

Many sailors already won Championships by using I-Sail!

Get an impression of what I-Sail can do:

Just have a look at some events:

Winter Regatta January 2020

7ª Etapa da Copa YCP 2016 São Paulo Brazil

Open Dutch Championship september 2016 Medemblik

Ibiza Regatta september 2016

Randmeren Regatta 2018

Championship Randmeren september 2016 

Open National Championship Solo september 2016

Other Events


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