Free I-Sail App

Improve your performance!

The I-Sail App, for iPhone and Android, records gps sailing data with your smartphone and creates a replay of your track on the I-Sail Server. Watch the replay with anyone and evaluate your track to improve sailing performances. For detailed information, see this link.

I-Sail GPS tracking is developed for ambitious Sailing enthusiasts.

It offers you the opportunity to analyze your tracks to improve performance:


1. Are you sailing the right direction all the time?


2. Are your tracks steady?


3. Are your tags efficient?


4. Did you have a strategy and did you stick to it?


5. Where your tactics the best?


6. ...


Download de Free I-Sail app here:

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Getting started

  Download the I-Sail App

  • Download the Free I-Sail App onto your iPhone or Android device.

  • Create a Free I-Sail account

   Start sailing

  • In the app, on the home page, Start tracking, choose a track name if desired. The I-Sail app will record your GPS data.

  • After sailing, stop the tracking.

   Upload data

  • After you stop the tracking, the I-Sail App will automatically upload your GPS data on to the I-Sail Server.

  • If not, you can upload the tracks later on manually. Go to 'Options', and choose 'Retry Upload'.

   Watch it

  • Login on your computer to with the your I-Sail account.

  • Use the filter to select the tracks you want to replay.

  • Replay the tracks in the embedded Google Maps map and relive the race!