I-Sail Training

Maximize the impact of your training on the water

Sailors spend a lot of their time improving boat handling, increasing speed and maneuverability. Far less attention is given to analyzing tracks, strategy and tactics.

Evaluating your regatta and training tracks afterwards gives you literally a new perspective on sailing.

You can analyze which side of the course was the fastest and why, did I get the most out of wind shifts, did I tack at the right moments, did I stick to my chosen strategy, did I always have the best tactics?

You can discuss these items afterwards and learn how to improve your sailing!

See detailed statistics on the map

  • did you always catch those wind shifts?

  • how is your upwind/downwind speed compared to the other boats?

  • do you lose a lot of distance during your tacks?

  • which side of the course was favoured?

  • who got the best start?


 Getting started

For this Training module a small fee will be charged. For more Information, contact info@I-Sail.com or have a look at here.