I-Sail Wind Charts

Sail software available for Windows platform

With I-Sail competitive sailors acquire the knowledge about winds so they can take advantage of local variations in direction and force. Having this knowledge lead to specific racing instructions like: "in this racing area - on a day like this - wind tends to increase in that corner and the wind direction tends to be more X then the general weather prediction, because of the land, houses, island etc. So, in the second track: choose the most left course possible".

I-Sail bases its knowledge on ACTUAL measurements of the wind!

The I-Sail package is developed especially for coaches and competitive sailors at all levels of sailing. It is being used by fathers who train and coach their children before and during sailing races. But it is also succesfully supporting Olympic sailing teams to win gold medals!



  • Measure and record the local wind situation during sailing or other boat rides, using our software and special sondes

  • Analyse the data with the I-Sail software

  • Develop a race strategy with the I-Sail knowledge

  • Train and record tracks

  • Race and (if your sailing class allowes the use of electronic devises during races) and record the race for future analysis.



Please contact us if you may be interested in buying our software. Since the development of this product still is in full swing, we are very anxious to learn how you plan to use it and how.

We would like to make you a tailored offer. Early adaptors will have the benifit in terms of price and support. Please contact us!