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Why do local sailors tend to win Olympic regattas?

Being a local sailor, everywhere!

Unfortunately, local winds never behave quite as predicted. Even professional forecasts for aviation or maritime purposes don't meet the exacting requirements of Olympic sailing teams. True, the best sailing professionals know the importance of the Coriolis Force, are familiar with the concept of convergence and divergence, and may even account for wind movements in the vicinity of hills or islands. However, that knowledge was still lacking.

How will the wind behave on a sunny afternoon after a morning with 3 Bft. wind from a 220 degree direction?
And what will happen if the conditions are similar, except that it's not sunny but overcast? Those are the types of questions that Olympic
contenders are faced with. And those are the types of questions I-Sail answers.



If you base your decisions on 'general' wind predictions only, you will miss out on that winning opportunity.



How does it work?

If we want to map the wind directions in a area, we sail with the RIP shown in the picture below. On this RIP we attach the I-Sail multi sensor probe to a pole.
The I-Sail multi sensor probe basic configuration is shown in the second picture.