I-Sail Wind Charts - Sports

I-Sail Wind Charts can be used for a wide variety of sports. We map the wind on any location that you request!


Below are three screenshots of the I-Sail software, showing a situation in Weymouth Bay, the location of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The first screenshot shows the vanes, the second one shows the vanes including the track we sailed. The third screenshot is the most valuable one, it includes the vanes and the values. 

Although 'only' a couple wind-indicators are shown here, the strategic opportunities are immediately obvious. The wind can not pass through the 130 meter hill on Portland Island and sets out on an alternative course. Also clear is that even in this relatively small area, the wind direction already varies with over 22 (!) degrees. Information that your team might use to their advantage!


Another example is shown below. These screenshots show perfectly how the wind adjusts to the environment. In this small area, the wind direction already varies over 26 degrees.