1. How to Start Tracking on de smart phone (iPhone)
  2. How to Stop Tracking on a smart phone
  3. How to upload tracks manually
  4. How to check your own track
  5. How to compare your track with others 
  6. How to set marks and wind direction


  1. How to find Races, statistics and results


Terminology I-Sail software


An entire sailing Event typically exists of a competitive Regatta and often social and/or promotional Activities. A Regatta may be held for one or more Classes. Classes will sail one or more Days. Each day one or more Races will be sailed. A Race exists of one or more sailing legs between marks and lines.

Events may be hosted by a yacht club, sailing association, town or school.

In this respect we only focus on the Regatta part.


A sailing Regatta is typically held for one or more single Classes and usually last one or more days.


A Class may exist of a One Design sailing vessel (e.g. the Laser Class) as well as of vessels sailing under a formula (ORC, Moth, Finn, 5.5). For each Class or a cluster of Classes races will organized.


A race is a separate competition for one or more Classes in a limited amount of time, beginning some minutes before a gun shot at the starting line, along different legs and marks and ending when the last boat crosses the finish line.


A race exists of one or more legs from start to finish line.

Mark or Buoy

Each leg has a Mark at the beginning and a Mark at the end.


A gates is a line in the race limited by two marks that sailors have to cross and can choose whickh mart to round

Start line

Finish line